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Unlock Tomorrow's Savings Today. Build Wealth. Automate Everything.

Time is money. Gradient provides real-time capital advances that enable access to your own future savings, unlocking instant financial flexibility for accelerated debt reduction or growth in investments.
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We're hoping to make Gradient unlike any other personal finance app you've used before (in a good way!). We do the heavy lifting for you, analyzing your financial habits and crafting an automated, personalized budget. Our AI platform goes beyond simple budgeting; we generate strategic debt repayment plans and automate your payments to creditors, freeing you from manual tracking and payment hassles. Furthermore, we will be beta testing the Gradient accelerated cash advance to a select group of savvy consumers to help pay down high interest, longer duration debt.

For early adopters seeking to fast-track their journey to financial freedom, Gradient offers unique capabilities. Join us in reshaping the future of consumer FinTech.

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Personal Finance on Auto-Pilot

Turbocharge Your Personal Finance.

Conquer the biggest obstacles to long-term wealth creation: savings, investments, and debt. Leverage our platform to keep on top of your monthly cash-flow, manage your spend wisely, and funnel your liquid savings to pay down debt faster or invest for future growth. Do it on your own terms and do it all with the help of artificial intelligence and automation.
Automated Cash Flow Analysis
Gradient automatically links to your primary financial accounts and tracks income vs. spend.
Accelerate Debt Reduction
The only platform that gives you access to your own future savings. Pay down debt faster with automated disbursements to any consumer loan on your credit report. Payments are scheduled automatically based on due dates and post instantly.
Grow Wealth
Start creating long-term wealth by eliminating your debt, investing for growth, and optimizing your monthly cash flow.
Automated Budgeting
Leverages your historical transaction data and our AI engine to generate an optimized personal budget in < 30 seconds. Tweak as you see fit.


August 2023
Test Platform Capabilities, Clear Regulatory/Compliance Checklist, and Build v0 Mobile App
December 2023
Establish Product-Market Fit and Scale to 100-500 Early Adopters
March 2024
Gain feedback & Iterate to improve features and kill bugs
June 2024
Solicit Larger-Scale Funding; Invest in Marketing & Pursue Scalable Growth
September 2024
Continuous Innovation
Establish a new finTech baseline for consumer finance

Interested in investing?

Unlock transformative potential with Gradient, a groundbreaking consumer finance platform. Through Gradient's robust loan portfolio, institutional investors have an opportunity to generate substantial returns of 10-12%. Join us in empowering consumers and fast-tracking financial freedom, while also reaping tangible benefits for your institution.

Meet The Team

We're a small but mighty crew here at Gradient, a team of three friends and former colleagues who share a common vision - making wealth generation accessible to all American households. We all come from tech and consulting backgrounds, but more than that, we share a deep belief in the power of FinTech to empower people in their financial journeys.

Empowering smart wealth creation, one household at a time – Let's make it happen!

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Have more questions? Join our Discord channel to engage with the Gradient community. Or feel free to shoot us an email directly to

What exactly is Gradient?

Gradient is a unique financial platform that empowers you to take control of your financial future. We automate income and spend analysis, along with personal budget creation and payments, to help you understand and manage your money more effectively. Our platform can automatically adjust your payments to creditors based on your projected monthly cash flows, helping to streamline your debt management. And we can do this dynamically every month. What sets Gradient apart is our capability to provide an advance on your future savings. This means we offer you access to your savings ahead of time, which our platform can then leverage to expedite debt repayment or investments so you build toward future wealth creation. With Gradient, you're not just planning for the future; you're living it today.

How does Gradient work?

Gradient uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically analyze your historical income and spend. Based on this analysis, we craft an optimized personal budget tailored to your unique financial situation. We don't stop there though. We also automate the creation of a debt management plan (if applicable) designed specifically for you to effectively reduce your liabilities. And we can automate payments to any consumer debt that shows up on your credit report. Payments are automatically scheduled to meet due dates and post instantly.

Finally, with your budget and debt management plan in place, we can then determine if you are eligible for a Gradient advance based on your median monthly cash flows. This advance provides you immediate access to your future savings, which can be used to expedite your debt paydown or investments for potential growth.

How does Gradient determine the amount and duration of the advance?

We primarily use a cash-flow based underwriting method to calculate the amount of your advance. This involves analyzing your historical free cash flow – the money left over after all your expenses have been paid – and providing an advance as a multiple of this amount. The duration of this advance typically ranges between 3 to 12 months, offering you significant flexibility. This approach aligns with your ability to repay while also creating an incentive for you to save more. The larger your free cash flow, the larger the potential advance. Gradient advances can be used to rack up significant savings on interest expense and accelerate your loan pay-off. Our aim is to empower you to boost your wealth creation and fast-track your financial goals.

Are the funds from the advance sent directly to my account?

No, the funds are directly disbursed to your creditors (i.e. lenders). Gradient takes care of this automatically, electronically sending the advance as an additional principal payment towards your applicable loan. This method allows us to calculate your interest savings instantaneously, providing you with immediate insights into your financial progress. As for the repayment of the advance, it's simple and automated – we debit the amount directly from your linked checking account, keeping the process seamless and worry-free for you.

Can the advance funds be used for investments?

Our initial launch is focused on leveraging Gradient advances to accelerate debt paydown, but we do intend to enable accelerated investing as well. This will be planned a little further down on our roadmap, but will be coming soon!

How much does Gradient cost?

Gradient operates on a subscription model. While pricing has not been officially finalized, the subscription fee will be $12 - $14 per month. For any advances we provide, we charge a small fee based on the interest savings generated from the accelerated debt paydown.

How does Gradient ensure my data is secure?

Your trust is our top priority. We use industry-leading encryption and security practices to protect your data. And we will never share your information without your consent.

Can I adjust or pause my repayments?

We understand that life can be unpredictable. Gradient advances are short in duration to enable you greater flexibility to match your priorities. You will never be committed to repaying a Gradient advance for greater than 12 months. If you require an interim pause or adjustment to your payment schedule, you’ll need to get in touch with our support team.

How is Gradient different from other financial apps?

Our goal is for Gradient to be the last personal finance app you will ever need. Unlike other apps, Gradient provides you access to your future savings today for immediate debt paydown or investment. Our goal is to help you build a secure financial future faster. And we believe the most prudent way to do so is to get a handle on debt and enable savings and investments for future wealth creation.

How do I get started with Gradient?

We’re planning our initial app release in the November 2023 timeframe for a select group of beta users.. Join our Discord Channel or email list to stay up to date on the latest.